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Aviso: La verdad no se si este permitido hacer escritos en otro idioma que no sea el español, pero tengo unos cuantos que bien valen la pena... Espero les agraden.
And do you remember me?

-Nay, my heart is broken as my soul is in danger.

Tell me then, why can´t you return there?

-Prisons in thy world are betraying me... Don´t want to kill my own convictions now.

Such sorrow remains... And you know why?

-Nay... Indeed I don´t remember, and yes, my body is filled with sorrow. These people just hate me.

Little man, you must get yourself up... Pain is nothing more than a fickle, you may had battled something deadlier in your past.

-My past is dead... All I ever was is nothing more than dust. I am just another lone wolf in this opressive damn ilusion you call life.

Faith... What about your faith? Is it gone too? Is there something for you to rely on?

-It is all in the shades... My mind is empty but these shades are memories, yet not darkened nor brightened... Just shades.

No... This can´t...

-But it is... True or not, for thy people it´s the only thing ye must trust.

Then, do you want to know why all this hate? Why to feel all the sorrow? Want to embody a real, true vision?

-Yes... I do... I want knowledge... I want to know...

So be it... As for now you are the self for victory and wisdom, your name shall now be...

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