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This are…
The unspoken words of a rotten heart
That suffers, wonders, cries and fucks all hopes
A hysterical laugh to my own truth

I hope not to be disrespectful to those
Who believe in a chance for this life of ours
But to my selfish soul, certainly there’s no way home

From pleasure I find disease
And from pain I’ve found love
No one expects life from the death
And sadness from the merrier doves

Pleasant wounds above my feet
At the corner of sorrow
Where all nightmares meet
There’s a thieve and a man
Sitting together and drinking tea
To realize from all feelings
Love is the worst disease

And so it goes
This… my endless song
A parade of tears and smiles
A bowl of hopes and lies
A commitment from those who laugh
At the tune of your voice

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19-06-2005 seguro que es bello, pero nada ----entiendo saludos*5 lagunita
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