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ya no soy nada, de nuevo me he convertido en solo otro rostro en el espejo universal, que alivio, que alegria

I want our days to run from Friday to November
I would like to have you 7 hours a day,
I would carry your picture in my eye lids.

Today I saw thousand of leafs touched your hair
I felt jealous, I started crying.
I wanted to scream but my mouth was sealed,
There was a fine stream of dirt closing my lips,

My finger having their own life,
My hand doesn’t listen to me anymore,
I have been replace by a heart,
My body rejects my brain,
Music on the background, you so far away,
I can see you but the dirt seals my lips.

Give a simple look, say the I love you words,
Even if it is a lie or an obsession,
Please destroy me

Calmly kill me, but please,
Please for the love of our gods;
Do not remove the dirt from my lips.

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Lectores Opinan
19-06-2007 Es muy bueno. Hay muchísima pasión en tus escritos. Besos dea
03-05-2006 me encanto.. muy buenoo! vrk
03-05-2006 me encanto.. muy buenoo! vrk
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