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The new generations are lucky because they have learnt to live in a society that is reaching the equality between women an men.
Women have follow the proverb “Never say die” , and it’s obvious that many of them have broken the mold and have become succesful without the help of men; but sometimes, when a woman take the role of a man she is categorized as a social degenerated, a lesbian or a bitch.
Already when we are teenagers it seems we should buy magazines as “Super Pop”,
“Bravo” etc, which articles consist on “what boys want”, “what weigh to be” or “what make up to wear”.
A woman is expected to be intelligent, sexy and beautiful. All of these things make that some of them abandon their own esence for a more socially aceptable image of who they should be.
The world of fashion is another example: skinny models are the queens of the footbridge and many times the results are insecure women immersed in a deep well of Depression because of their image, that even can be transformed in anorexia.
Society have convinced us that sexism have dissapeard but when I turn on TV and I see advertisments about creams, fashion or Liposuctions assigned to women and announced by perfect models that don’t need those products I have no doubt, we live in a sexist world.
Perhaps, one day, we will reach the true equality: “Time heals all wounds “

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03-12-2007 Es que la tv vende imagen. Let´s turn off the damned tv. Pero esta presión de "perfeccíón" cada vez es más fuerte para el hombre. solo_por_ti
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