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Once upon a time,there was a city made of crystal.in that city lived a queen, who was the prettiest woman that sun could ever had seen in one of his many dawns.
She knew how to gobern properly,she had everything, except love.
One day a strange man apeared in the city.he was tall,dark haired and his eyes were like stars in a dark sky.he didnít speak to anybody,but that night while he was walking, he arrived to the tower where the queen lived.
she was looking out of the window and when she saw the stranger,fell in love.
Next day the queen sent her soldiers to find that misterious man but they couldnít,so she felt very sad.a bird saw her sadness and decided to help her giving the queen a magic mushroom.
its utility was to transport the person who eats it to his/her true love.
She ate the mushroom and suddenly fell asleep.when she woke up,she was in a dark room with a trone in it.in that trone was sitting a man with a mask.he introduced himself as the god of the dreams.the queen said she was looking for a misterious man that stole her heart one night ago.the god put his mask off and said he was in love with her too. when the queen realized that the masked man was her misterious man,felt desolated, because the relationships between humans and gods were banned.
In spite of that,love was stronger and they got married that night,being it the happiest moment of their lives.
but next morning,a ball of fire fell down the sky and burned the city of crystal, destroying it and killing all its habitants. It was the punishment for they imposible love. the queen couldnít bear it and throwed herself from the top of a cliff and died.
the god never fall in love again.

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24-11-2006 Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... el otro día yo pensaba ah...en esccribir en inglés....porque en mi blog apareció un loco canadiense muy re simpático.... pero es peluo...porque tendría que ser en mi estilo, y yo no pondría..."Unce upon a time..." Pero el tuyo está bien logrado... Que triste que te quemen la cuidad justo cuando eres feliz y enamorada...pero en fin... ta weno....sabís qué....haré el intento!!!!! EuFoRBicA
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