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I think today is one of those moments
when my mind makes me wait
maybe to remove dark thoughts,
what a shame can't see myself
exhausted in the presence of my lack of willingness
waiting the moonlight to meltdown this cold feeling,
imagining the fate smiling,
waiting for the distant call of my own absence
to feign again.

Odd world of peace,
eternal and silent,
perfection of an imagined place
why are you delaying to come?

I hate this moment
of lack of freedom, absence and loneliness;
it's weird, 'cause even been only mine
don't let me find it by will,
although it's clearly enough I'll be lost again looking for answers.

The shadows who used to cloud the identity of my doubts
have come to kill my mind this time,
which flew without its traditional armour of the suitable,
fragile as it was couldn't keep on flying once again
without asking for the help of reality.
We'll see each other once again, cold feeling
when you decide that it's time to
give a mean to my wait.

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