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I dreamed you once again
queen of my nights.

Once more your divine aroma
penetrated my imaginings.

Opened my eyes
2:47 am.
Faraway ticking

Is dark, the stars slumber,
I hear your white heels knocking the floor.
Jazzing on top of the covers
caressing the skin of my nights.

Divine cinnamon shade breast
with mysterious tenor’s legs.

Nudity and red-gold touch,
A kiss of bursting lips.
Passion and femininity.

Tick, tack… distant ticking

Opens the shadows
portraying white.
An angel lacking wings,
gorgeous mortal of mine.

Contacts my body,
the hollow space on your neck.
Your waist around my hands.

Around your curves
I found myself lost,
A new universe,
never ending obsession

Tick tack
A move to the dimple on your body
I can feel your pulse.
I can flavor your love.

a minute of sex
and you disappear

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Lectores Opinan
19-06-2007 Deliciosas imagenes en mi mente, solo un minuto, pero vale por mil ;-P dea
07-06-2007 Y el tiempo en el reloj se alarga dulcemente en la mente.......... Aytana
03-06-2007 Muy bello. naiviv
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