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Never imagined such an endless dream,
never guessed my heart had so much to bear.
And in the corner sits the suit,
black and ready for the funeral of your love.

Always wondered how it'd feel,
always dreamed of the lenght of the trip.
Still our game had no prize,
and the rules were never enough.

Never thought of it's ending,
unbelievable depression of the land.
Those heart-filling meadows
built deep inside our minds.

Getting lost in the sun,
losing control of your smile over my heart.

Hiding behind your eyes,
lies the reason of my life.

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Lectores Opinan
19-02-2008 "Getting lost in the sun, losing control of your smile over my heart" Epa... epa. Recuerdo sentir eso. Hoy. Ayer. en los ultimos años. Siempre. wanchanken
08-07-2007 I loveeee you're poem, very deep, and sad, but it's true, well, i've feel the same, anyway, i comment you, to congratulate you, i leave my stars.***** losergirl
07-07-2007 Aniway, el inglés se me resiste, pero sé que para la poesía... I remember, "your'e going to loose that girl"... (Disculpa la ortografía...) La sonoridad...is their motto.. Suena bien. sereira
07-07-2007 I thougth this was a page of literature in spanish, then it has been a surprise to find a beautiful poem in english. Deep feelings and sadness. The reason of my pleasure lies behind your words. altorcan
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