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Wings of angel,
why do you want to fly?
is here only hate and regret?
can't you wait for me?
I'd love have something more to give you to expect.

You showed me your time
making up some strange words,
you teach me to talk,
now I ask you to hold,
you can't leave me this feeling
strange as yourself
'cause you've been that odd reason
to been there 'till too late.

You've waited so long
dreaming with your fly
take my hands, take my dreams,
take my time, take the least that I have
'cause I want you somemore annoying this fucking time.

Don't tell I'll forget you
'cause you are not in my mind;
one soul hardly ever bear just one life,
and we'll talk once again,
you'll come and return,
eternity will fit in your hand.

Smile, cry, jump or scream,
I need your presence linger for me,
delaying my fate 'till the day
we can say now we can fly,
leaving behind the fake that we bare

Let's reach the moon in a cloudy night
that way I could have you sometime in my mind
believing that sadness is just a remember
'cause when we're flying we're free as birds are.

Unfair life,
why you play with our freedom and dreams?
let us have some more time
to share alike fears.

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Lectores Opinan
25-06-2008 Bellísimo, me gusta como escribes: con un tinte ligeramente oscuro pero siempre profundo, de los que he leído es uno de los que más me ha gustado, mis 5* para tí. vampiresa
19-06-2008 Me gustó mucho, si señor/a! Bonita letra para una canción compuesta por un corazón vampiro. suna
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