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Into de world
I submit myself
I condemn myself
I’d no longer run
No longer hide
‘cause it’s the end

The long line road
The big hard cross
Have stopped and gone
No time, no more
To re invent.
-my hope is gone
cause it’s the end-

And so I step
And learn to fall
And jet I pray
And sacrifice.
I turn the wheel
To end my life
But ugly luck
Has also gone…

And here I am
Still alive
Into the world
This empty world
That offers more
And nothing else
Than tears and swords
And fear and words…

And though I seem
To fall apart
I’ve touched the ground
and reached the sky.

Pain disappeared
Deep down the clouds,
Evil arrived,
Sorrow transformed…
A strangest peace
Took over me
-my selfish death
Has come-

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