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These old buildings
Remind me that
Once upon time
I used to be free.

My young mind
Used to fly
And travel around
Searching for an exit

Time has passed
And here I am
Weak and grown up
With money on my pockets
And sadness in my eyes.

…There’s no way through
There’s no way out
Life slips into my hands
There’s no place to hide.

I’m completely blind
My heart’s made of stone
There’s no sense in being older
If the soul is gone….

Shame and perhaps
Some ruins of my life
Walk beside of me
Like a shadow of time.

Then I search my past
Looking for a shelter
A safe place to hide,
But this game is over
-here I am-

-here I am,
Loneliness has won this time-

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12-06-2010 Do not let alone catch it one day you built with your heart ... be free and enjoy what life gives you all the time! trixixita
02-06-2010 I' m, nou speak inglish, i spouken inglish, nery good. 5* star y un kiss mas facil, no hablo ingles, hablé ingles. Pero igual algo pesqué. Mi voto y un beso gordinflon
25-05-2010 Muy lindo tu poema !!! BYNARYUS
25-05-2010 Love is the answer little girl.never back. caliche
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