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Not Anymore

I have wished upon a thousand stars
Wishes that burned down to ashes
And became a bunch of lies

I´ve seen the sunset behind the mountains
And the rain falling hard on my window
While my heart aches with never-ending pain

They cannot break a heart that is already broken
Nor mend the twisted paths
Nor fix the misdeeds that have been committed
Not undo that which is in the past

No need to cry over spilled milk
No use on dwelling over it anymore
Don`t wish
Don`t think
Don`t hope
Don`t dream

Wishes and dreams…they´re all unreal….

I await for nothing…for nothing I have asked!


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Lectores Opinan
30-04-2011 corazon que se abriga al calor de una fogata en un dia tenebrosamente lluvioso con un wisky en la mano una pluma en la otra, soledad no te asomes, rencor quedate fuera estos son momentos de acercarse una vez mas a la realidad. un beso preciosa tqm y ademas te extraño muxoooo _Jorgito_
25-09-2010 Ay, ¿me lo traduces? JAGOMEZ
27-08-2010 oh excuseme, is "why does the life appear be hard?" ivancamella
27-08-2010 Why the life appears be hard?, we don't know it, but, is easier, think that everything could be better; I believe in it. Let's write, good luck! ivancamella
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