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There were days... when they came... and asked:
“so... you think you can change the world ?”
Looked at me... and laughed.

‘Cause let’s face it...
I’m a bit too optimistic, a bit thinking way outside of the box, some might say... a bit naive. 'Cause I think I can make a difference to this world. I believe that the change starts by changing me and my surroundings and that it WILL make a difference.

I refuse to succumb to the environmental disaster we’ve caused. I believe human kind can go beyond political and mental xenophobic boundaries and free our mind, our spirt, our thoughts and live life dancing a different tune from the one this society plays like a lullaby, making us all fall asleep dancing to it. I believe there’s still hope for us, as there are more beautiful people in this world than greedy and selfish ones, and even they can change. I think richness has nothing to do with colored peaces of paper.

I believe if they refuse to believe that we can still change, ‘cause they’ve succumbed into pessimism or so called “realism” by all the sadness, hate, war, rasism and heartache this world has set upon us... I’ll say “No worries you can rest, I’ll do your share and mine, so you don’t have to worry about that... but believe it, this WILL change!

There are days when they come...
with hands filled with pessimism, hater, cynicism and defeat... and ask once again:
“so... you think you're gonna change the world ?”

‘cause the world is shit, RIGHT? ‘cause “you” are nothing to this world, and therefore no difference will come by changing “you” and your surroundings, RIGHT? ‘cause society is worthless and selfish and that’s the way it is, I mean... who’s gonna care enough for others in order to change, RIGHT? ‘cause the richest is the one with as many little colored peaces of paper as possible and happiness is directly proportional to that amount, RIGHT? ‘cause the climate change is now un-stoppable and we've already depleted the earth resources... and... come on! be realistic! who is gonna care enough to do something about it, RIGHT? ‘cause there are just too little people who are willing to change and care enough to do something and let’s face it... people are selfish and care about nothing but themselves, RIGHT?

‘Cause there will be days... when they'll come with war... and ask over and over again:
“so... you really think you can change the world ?”

They will try to take you down. They will point out how history proves them RIGHT. They will try to make your eyes to stop shining, your soul to stop smiling and your heart to stop believing. They will do everything to prove themselves RIGHT.

Then... smile and answer:

“Let's do this... let's assume you are RIGHT... but if that's RIGHT,
know this... I'll spend the rest of my life proving you WRONG.”

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