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Don´t you try to touch me. Get out, and look. Maybe what you'll see it's me, covered in snow.

For if you hate, you're lost. And my soul aches. So hard. So long. It makes me puke.

And my head its bigger than they thought. So fucking random. And they are so totally lost.

For my hands have come to be. So scared. Of working. Of killing. Of making. They all sweat.

'cause my mouth it's alive. And it's so fucking thirsty. And it started to talk. Fucking talk.

Can you understand this thing?. That Thing. So killin' big. So stuningly crazy.

And you can leave my roots, alone. So alone. Anyway, they're well seeded in the dirt.

And it makes me a dog. Look at my waiting eyes. See how they shine. Everything it's lost.

When my fingers touch a guitar string, universe It's a lot tinier. When they touch another one, It's so fucking enormous.

And my mind flies between purple clouds. And they all rain green water. For my minds can only spat lies.

But then, if you look my soul, It is so deep blue. And it waves like a sea. Like the sea, before it frozens out.

And then a giant worm comes out of the ice. And its giant teeths bites the clouds. Drinks the green rain.

And so my mind sleeps. While one of my I's dies inside the worm's giant stomach. So I dig into the brown of my eyes.

Into the green of my eyes, deeper, deeper. What can I find? Nothing lies underneath the earth of my iris. Nothing but beatifulness.

And i'm sorry. I'm sorry for you. I have piety for you. You, the one which is afraid. You the one who can't look me at the eye.

So I spit on you. Looking you so harsh. Are you alive, you fucking sack of babyshit?. Are you breathing, you fucking razor-bladed dildo? Can you say something, Niggerbastard? Just as I thought.

You're nothing but garbage. So i raise my fists. And i hit so hard, your soul breaks. And then i eat the pieces.

And then it's where the giant worm Vomite everything.

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