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... So the knight held her close, feeling her cold breath being propelled towards his face. She looked at him right in the eye. The moonlight was falling right onto her face, turning her brown skin into pale softness and her dark eyes into white pools of reflected light. He, on contrast, was dark. Dark as the darkest night, as the clouds on his back drew closer to the moon and it's fading light. Still, his eyes still could catch a little of the light reflected in her eyes. As she gazed upon them, two little sprites of white trembled inside the black-filled holes. Then, as the moonlight was slowly murdered the opresive clouds, she asked.

"What is it? What is the thing that you so desperately search for?"

He stood still. His shoulders tense, his heart pounding, his hands trembling. Time passed, silent. And as the clouds gathered around the lonely moon in the black sky, he raised his arms around her, pushed her towards him and kept her there, without moving.

The moon cried a last drop of silver light as the clouds buried her. A mantle of shadow rose on top of the world, taking away the noise and the shapes. They stood there, in an embrace of darkness. She could only feel his strongs arms around her and his warm breath on her neck. He could only feel her body, cold as the night sky, pressed towards his heart.


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02-09-2013 With his body being so warm, fret not, she'll get hot! za-lac-fay33
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