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I want to be your personal mystery.
Your big, tall, shadowy tree.
So you can finally find
Your very own place to be.
A marvelous game of hide-and-seek.


I am boundless, child.
I am an insurmountable wild.
A thought, loss, desire
I am
The raggedy face of your smile.


A warrior came atop a crane.
A poet sang about his bane.
Epic saga strung upon a cane
Safely held in warrior's mane,
Devoid of his previous flame.


A boy in blue behind a mirror.
A shade less of a smoky cinder
Fueled by nightmares of fresh timber.
A grin, concealed in lush, ever kinder.
And a truth sought and lost and found
In innocence and terror.


He who Comes, Comes undone
He who Fights, Fights alone.
He who Loves, Loves until

He is no More.

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