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I hate seeing myself in you.
I hate you.
I can't stand your perfect imperfection.
I see your shadow come near me, full of hate, evil, damned, so imperfect - so loved...
I hate not being able to stop loving you.

My soul cries in agony,
chokes between tears,
its so alone...
it wants to get it all out...
you are the worst person I know; so proud, selfish, angry, cold _
you're so imperfect, so evil, so bad, I can't believe you are part of my life,
that you're one of the pillars fate forces me to stand on.
You took away my happiness, you made blood pour out of her eyes, you fooled me, so imperfect... so cold...
You ruined our last smile, you punished me for no reason... with your words, yourself, your silence...

I hate needing you, seeing you everyday.
I hate being aware of how alike we are.
I hate that the only thing we have in common is wrath, hate for the world, a hollow heart... how numb we can become.
I hate your unhappiness, I hate how you blame me for it.
I hate the emptiness I find looking for your support.
I hate not knowing how your face looks like when you smile.
I can't take your duality, how the tears you make me shed burn my heart, I can't believe how much blood you've made me spill...
my blood...

It hurts me to know I'm not good enough,
that you stay right in front of me 'cuz you "have to"...
it shocks me to be certain of h0w alike we are.
I'm sorry I can't make it better... I've tried so hard.
I hate eveything about you, our blindness and how the worst part of me is yours.
I hate your shadow disturbing my dreams.
I hate how uneasy I become when hearing your name.
I hate not being able to hate you _ I hate the walls we've built, the dust in our minds, the gone glow of your eyes.

I hate not being able to learn from you
I hate how my cries are my lullaby.
I hate how beautifully you've let me down.
I hate how raw my hate is...
I hate the anger that's forcing me to write, this blind, black and sour anger.

I hate how powerful and deep is the way your unhappiness will always haunt me.
I hate keeping it all to myself.
I hate how alone your presence makes me feel.
I hate how your eyes frighten me.
I hate how I find myself completely lost when I hear your voice.
I hate living in agony because of these wounds.
I hate the way you've left millions of scars in my soul.
I hate sharing the moon with you.
I hate how dark my blood looks when its glow belongs to you.
I hate that in hell we'll meet, and forever stare at eachother... eternally... forever...
I love you.

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Lectores Opinan
13-02-2005 Es un muy buen texto, cargado de emociones fuertes, densas, internas, oscuras, sinceras. Al no tener musicalidad en ingles, me gustaria verlo mas en español..y asi como el anterior comentario, es un lugar para textos en español....cuestion de principios...en lo poco que creo en este mundo. Saludos. y te felicito. Akeronte
29-12-2004 this web site says... "Este sitio es una comunidad literaria dedicada a los cuentos en español." but for me is ok. Think, please! Salu2! lowenghard
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