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Since I was a child, I had an inclination to Art in all its manifestations. That's the reason I got involved in the artistic environment. I remember that I liked the authentic mariachi band sound. That's why, when I started my career, I chose to sing ranchero music. I don't know where I learned the very first song I sang, but because my aunt Maria Elena helped me, I had my debut on May 10th, many years ago.
I was scared. I was a very introverted and shy little girl. But after that performance, I hid my deepest feelings beneath a very strong attitude in front of everybody, because I knew it was the only way to walk in this life.

I have been singing professionally for many years, and I've had a lot of satisfaction doing it. I will mention some of them; like my participation in a very big contest for young people, where I placed the 10th out of 14,500 participants that year. The contest was "Festival Valores Juveniles".
I had the privilege to be named the revelation at the "Festival de los Grandes de la Cancion Ranchera y Nortena". I also performed in the "Teatro de la Ciudad de Mexico", "Auditorio Nacional" and the "Teatro Blanquita" in Mexico City.
In my singing career I've had a lot of satisfaction, but I didn't find the success I had been dreaming about, but I am very sure that someday I will.

My passion for music is very strong, that's why my natural curiosity led me to look for new ways to improve my singing. I always wanted to do my best I know I can do, and this natural curiosity made me seek for professional guidance.
A new experience in my life started when I took music lessons at the "Escuela Superior de Musica" under the direction of my singing teacher, Carmen Perez Vela.
But music isn't my only passion. I also love Art. In painting I can express my emotions. When I have the canvas, the paint, and the brushes, I can transform a white piece of material into images and feelings. That is when my feeling soar, because I know I can fly, and I can live forever, because that canvas will carry part of my sensibility and my intellect for all eternity.
I love Art and I am crazy about some of the masters who, with their magic hands, can transform an inanimate canvas into a fantastic and unknown world.

In 1989, I had the opportunity to be part of the marvelous world of modeling. I have to remind you about that strong attitude I had from when I was little. It was still with me. I never got rid of it. That strong attitude helped me confront new and complex experiences. I don't know why, but before I knew it, I was in the middle of lights in a beautiful studio and in front of Pompeo Posar, one of the best photographers specializing in nudes. I became part of a select group of models who have been featured in the pages of Playboy Magazine. I became a Playmate Centerfold in December of 1989.
The experience I lived when I modeled nude was wonderful, I not only took my clothes off, I actually shed a series of atavisms that all women have very deep in their minds, because of all the taboos and rules of society.
Anyway, it wasn't easy to confront that society and all its critics. I needed courage and a lot of strength to face them, because they tried to qualify my life and the things I did.
My life changed quickly. I wasn't Guadalupe anymore...now in everybody eyes I was "DIVINA"!
After all the criticism, what I did was accepted by most people. Because of all that success, I started doing newspapers interviews, TV shows, live performances and many other things. I worked very hard and I did my best. Four years after that, Playboy magazine invited me to have a new pictorial. After thinking about it, I agreed to do it again. Now the photographer was a women, Nicole Roxin. I appeared in the October 1993 issue of Playboy for my second time.
I have to tell you this, competition to be in a publication like Playboy is very intense, and to be chosen twice is very unique.

I must also confess that one of my strong passions is to write. Some of my first memories when I was a little girl, are of being lost for hours in my old notebook, the partner and friend of my happiness, my depressions, my frustrations and my sad and emotional moments.
Within the shy part of my personality I found a divine refuge in "my notebook". For hours, I talked to it, I told it my thoughts and it felt my fears and my dreams.
For many years I have been writing. I know I've had an evolution in my life and in the way I write. When I am writing, erotism possesses me. It is somewhere there in my being. The pen goes softly and slow on the notebook, and it inspires me to write passionate lines about love and desire. Feelings, for many people are repressed and unable to be confessed. But in my case, I found an enormous and mysterious escape valve for expressing my feelings.
Probably all human beings should use the powerful weapon of the written expression.
I have to mention each time I take the pen between my fingers, I feel powerful, and the pleasure comes to me and possesses my being. I have a sublime instant where I give myself completely to the thing I am writing about.
I let myself become totally naked in my soul in a very honest, intense and explosive form.
For me to write is something more than just to write. It is a pinnacle, it is a communion, it is being a part of the person who is reading it.
I am very happy to share my thoughts with you. Thank you for letting me go inside to the magic world of your mind!

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